Help ProPublica Find the Most Important Stories of 2021

Help ProPublica Find the Most Important Stories of 2021


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Our entire newsroom is taking a beat to think about our next, most ambitious projects.

This year, we hope to include you in that process. Do you know of somebody or some institution doing something they shouldn’t? Or not doing something they should? Have you or someone you know experienced harm that you think we should know about? Write into our tipline and help us hold powerful institutions accountable.

We can’t follow up on or respond to everything, but we promise someone from our engagement team will read what you write and share it among reporters and editors with expertise on the topic.

ProPublica covers a wide range of topics, such as government and politics — including the new Biden administration — business, criminal justice, the environment, education, health care, immigration and technology. We hope to do journalism that matters to people, especially those whose problems have been ignored by people in power. We especially encourage you to get in touch if you live in the South, Southwest or Midwest, where we are expanding our teams. This post is only a small step in better covering these communities, and we will be doing the groundwork to develop relationships as our bureaus open.

Here’s what we think about as we consider ProPublica stories:

  • Is someone getting hurt? Who’s responsible?
  • Is the harm widespread? Is this a one-off story, or is there reason to believe that this is happening to many people as part of a systemic problem?
  • Is there evidence? Is there a clear path to getting what we’d need, such as filing an open records request, analyzing open data or interviewing witnesses?
  • Can we add to the coverage that already exists on this topic? Does our work have meaningful potential for real-world impact?

Note: We take your privacy seriously. We are the only ones who read what you submit. Filling out this form is the best, most efficient way to get in touch with us. However, if your tip is especially sensitive, here is some advice.

Submit a tip to ProPublica.

Published at Wed, 13 Jan 2021 15:00:00 +0000

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