Welcome Back to Broken Border Patrol

Welcome back to Broken Border Patrol where the Broken Border Patrol Bot once searched social networks for statements indicating that someone is admitting to being an illegal alien or accusing someone else of being one. Built in 2012, BBP was created at a time when in all honesty the owner of Illegal Alien Report thought that the day would never come that immigration laws would actually be enforced in the United States and decided in response to criticism of his illegal alien blasting site by members of Congress to direct attention to other websites containing similar accusations. Those sites mainly being Twitter and Facebook.

Today the new Broken Border Patrol will be used to aggregate Border Patrol misconduct reports. That is because the owner of Illegal Alien Report decided while in prison not to resume operations once releases. This was due to first hand experiences with people doing time for immigration violations and the realization that they were being punished far more severely than anyone ever should be just for crossing the border.

In one of the worst cases the IAR founder’s cellmate had been shot by a police officer, given three years just for re-entry, and was due to be deported. This immigration action against him seemed primarily motivated by a desire to keep him from suing the officer that shot him. After all, how is someone supposed to go to court if he cannot legally enter the country? On top of that efforts he made to pursue his claims were met with nothing but disrespect from city officials that knew he lacked the ability to pursue his claims. More about that can be read here.

Rather than allow BBP to expire like IAR did or become am empty site of no value, the decision was made to make this a site for syndicating stories about immigration enforcement misconduct. This is also a site that people can contribute to by joining CopBlaster.com and adding the tag Border Patrol or Immigration to their police misconduct reports.

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